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Gold’s Gym banks on BPO, corporates for expansion

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Gold's Gym looks to expand its scope as the leading fitness gym in the Philippines. They partner up with BPOs and corporates to be the fitness club they need.

MAKATI, METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES, September 18, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Manila, Philippines, September 2017: Gold’s Gym, the leading fitness gym in the Philippines when it comes to health and wellness, recognized that their expansion relies on business process outsourcing (BPO) and corporates in the next decade or so.

According to an interview by ANC, Gold’s Gym President and CEO, Mylene Dayrit, predicted that they’ll be opening 30 more fitness clubs to help employees in BPOs and corporations with their “transformation.” Currently, Gold’s Gym has 400 companies in their corporate program. That’s 40% of their total membership population.

Dayrit mentioned further that their customers keep coming back because of Gold’s Gym’s loyalty to their role in assisting people in losing weight, toning up and building muscles.

In line with that, Gold’s Gym will adjust to the sign of the times. With competitors tweaking their gym time to match with the customers, Gold’s Gym looks in the idea of opening earlier to attract a new set of market. Dayrit noticed that they need to be more in tune to what the community needs.

On top of this, Gold’s Gym is partnering with local municipalities to launch fitness programs for government employees like what they did in Marikina. Dayrit added that it’s a part of their advocacy to bring fitness and nutrition to communities and schools.

Gold’s Gym is available in various platforms to attend to its customer’s needs at any time of the day. They are on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Customers can also pay a visit to Gold’s Gym’s official website for gym membership, workout classes, and trainer’s information.


Gold’s Gym started at their humble home of Venice Beach, California 45 years ago. It grew to 700 locations all over the world coming from the seed of commitment, passion, and dedication. With the latest cardio and strength equipment, they aim to help people realize their goals. Also, Gold’s Gym wants the people to know their own strength assisted by their trainers and instructors.

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